If your interest is in a view, specifically of say Moscow Mountain, Paradise Ridge, the Palouse (the rolling hills) or UI’s Arboretum, then you will want to check out: CanterwoodUniversity Heights, Anderson’s, Moser Estates 1st & 5th, Rolling Hills, Pheasant Run, Blackwood (better known as Slonaker), Indian Hills, or Vista. Below are photos of the neighborhoods aimed to give you a sense of the place as each one is a bit different.


If you like a home that is a perfect stay-cation, with plenty of space between you and your neighbors then Canterwood is for you. This subdivision marries the best of the best together with a postcard like 2 minute drive out of town to a neighborhood where the lots, at the smallest, might be 2 acres (which made snapping shots of it rather challenging!) These newer homes are mostly positioned far from neighbors and all in locations that capitalize on the wonderful views surrounding them on all sides. Having these views normally includes a 20 or so minute drive into town, but Canterwood is unusual in that it is right outside of the city limits.

Moscow Idaho real estate Canterwood

Canterwood is left in the picture, spread out over the hills with the beginning of Moscow Mountain on the right.

Moscow Idaho real estate Canterwood2

Moscow Mountain, just outside the neighborhood

Moscow Idaho real estate Canterwood3

entering Canterwood

Moscow Idaho real estate Canterwood4

Notice the home in the distance on another hill. This is how most of the homes are positioned.

Moscow Idaho real estate Canterwood6

The home on the right is actually hidden a bit by its garage.


Anderson’s Addition is one of the newer subdivisions that has wonderful southern views of the Palouse while also being close to the university.

Moser Estates, 1st edition

Moser Estates is actually a few different pocket of homes. The first edition, as the name implies, was the first and sits near A.B. McDonald Elementary School. The homes were built in the 80’s and the neighborhood is known for how well its owners have maintained them and their lawns. A note about proximity–some prize the location for being adjacent to the elementary school and near the skate park, the Eagan Youth Center, and other fields where their children can play. For all these reasons, Moser Estates is a highly sought after location.Moscow Idaho real estate Moser1Moscow Idaho real estate Moser1 2Moscow Idaho real estate Moser1 4

Moser Estates, 5th edition

The 5th edition, located off of Robinson Park Road and abutting Rolling Hills, is newer with builds in the 2000’s.

Moscow Idaho real estate Moser Estates 5Moscow Idaho real estate Moser5Moscow Idaho real estate Moser5 2

Rolling Hills


Indian Hills

Indian Hills is cradled between Highway 8 and Palouse River Dr. which gives the homes that border along Indian Hills Dr. a view of the Palouse and Paradise Ridge. This neighborhood is older with mature trees and larger lots than would be found closer to downtown. It is still close enough to south end of downtown that a bike ride to the Co-op would likely not take longer than 10 minutes. Indian Hills was established in the 80’s and homes are mostly well kept.


Rodeo is north of downtown, between Main St. and Polk St. and are newer homes with great views of downtown and Paradise Ridge just beyond Moscow or of the Palouse and Moscow Mountain, depending on which direction the backyard faces. Potential views in all directions is something of a given since the neighborhood sits on one of the highest points in town. Another positive about the Rodeo subdivision is the pricing. Where some homes with views are priced too rich for many, Rodeo’s homes can be found for more modest numbers.

Pheasant Run

Is a small subdivision northeast of downtown off of Orchard Dr., east of Rodeo. Like the Rodeo subdivision, some of the homes in this neighborhood have great views of downtown including Paradise Ridge beyond Moscow and others have a view of Moscow Mountain to the east. Unlike any other division, this one has a sign posted at the entrance and a nice pond shaded by mature willow trees in a wide greenway. The homes boast quality custom details that make them standouts in our community.


Blackwood is a small subdivision that is newer and rests north east in Moscow which makes many of its homes perfect for capturing wonderful views of Moscow Mountain and the Palouse.

Moscow Idaho real estate BlackwoodMoscow Idaho real estate Blackwood2


Vista is an older subdivision near the new playing fields along Joseph Street, east of Mountain View. The homes in its northern portion have nice views of the Palouse and Moscow Mountain. Many of Vista’s homes were built in the 80’s and 90’s, and some I’ve seen have been updated. Being older, some of the division has large mature trees too.



One warning about views–looking in these neighborhoods will only improve the odds that the home you see on the market in that location will have a view. There is no guarantee of a view! Also worth noting, while looking in one of these neighborhoods doesn’t guarantee a view, choosing a neighborhood not listed above may fetch a nice view, so be careful not to ignore the rest of Moscow in your hunt for that perfect view off your back deck! Also, if the home you are interested in has bare land between the home and the view, ask your realtor® what are the chances you’ll lose the view to another property later down the line.