One aspect that people value in a prime location is close proximity to downtown and/or work. If you’d to like to be in walking distance of downtown or the university, then Fort Russel and University Heights are the ones you’ll want to read about and focus your home search to these areas. Also, a common interest that slide lines close proximity is a desire for the craftsmanship found in older homes. Fort Russel is the one you will want to focus on but not solely. There are 100+ older homes to be found in surrounding areas that border downtown or the university. That said, I’d caution that you not avoid taking a peek elsewhere as you may be surprised to find a gem of a home located elsewhere.

Fort Russel

This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in town, and tends to be quite popular partly for its location, bordering the east side of downtown. Fort Russel will put you in walking distance of downtown and from nearly all major year round events that happen either downtown or in East City Park. Another aspect about Fort Russel that is appealing to some is the age of the homes which date back to the early 1900’s. One word of caution, the age of these older beauties also makes them prime for untold rehab jobs, some that may not be put off once they make themselves known. Also, a result of the age is the size of older trees that envelope some of the streets in a picturesque fashion. The neighborhood is populated with older craftsman style homes and blah as well given the neighborhood nice character. Of all our parks, East City Park, is the largest park with many mature green trees and is nestled right in the center of it. Among other events, RenFair and Rendezvous in the Park are held here.

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The streets are lined with sidewalks and bike lanes to make it foot/pedal friendly and inspires people to skip the car when heading out of the house. Some of the older sections of Fort Russel are designed to give back-street access to homes, avoiding congested streets. Also, some parents have been known to move here just so their children could attend Lina Whitmore Elementary School.

University Heights

University Heights is south of the university and borders the university’s year-round beauty, the Arboretum and is easy walking distance of UI and a brief bike ride to downtown. The age of the homes varies here but the pride in home ownership does not. If I had to award one neighborhood for the best upkeep of their homes and lawns, University Heights. Given that the neighborhood is set atop a hill, if a home doesn’t back up to the Arboretum then they may have a view of the Palouse south of Palouse River Dr.


Frontier is a small neighborhood that abuts University Heights and is in walking distance of the University of Idaho. These older homes are surrounded by mature trees and boast well kept yards that are larger than what you’d find in Fort Russel.Moscow Idaho real estate FrontierMoscow Idaho real estate Frontier2Moscow Idaho real estate Frontier3

Sunnyside Addition

Sunnyside Addition is another older neighborhood with where some of the homes are rentals for students and professors alike. Given this one’s location–east of Jackson, north of Troy Rd, and south of 8th St– residence are in walking distance of downtown and the university which, for the right people, would be all that matters.