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There are some fun events that Moscow holds annually. Below is a list of those that gain the most action. Feel free to take the poll posted below the list of events and see what others rate as the best event they like to attend or just scroll through the events and check out their links to learn more.


Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival

The University of Idaho sponsors the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival every February where students and Jazz artists from all around come. World-renowned Jazz artists wow us with evening concerts and offer students and who ever else signs up workshops during the day. The current above link is a little lean on information given we are not so close to February 2017, but you can learn more under the Director’s Information link in the left navigation bar.

Arbor Day Sale

Okay, so I know this isn’t a festival or fair, but it is pretty cool beans by many Moscobites standards, so I added it. If you’re into gardening, like a stay-cation of a backyard where you can unwind after work by merely stepping out your back door, then the University of Idaho’s Arbor Day Sale that happens the closest weekend to April 26th, National Arbor Day is something you don’t want to miss. The sales and the quality just can’t be beat and are worth holding off any big buys until you’ve had a moment to scope out their inventory and chat with the friendly knowledgeable staff.

Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market

So what town doesn’t have a farmer’s market, right? Well, being one who likes strolling through farmer’s markets and have seen a few, I can honestly say, this is the best one I’ve attended. Vendors come from around town and from as far as Oregon to sale their wares and produce. Our farmer’s market goes beyond offering wonderful produce, plants, and handmade, creative products of all sorts, there are live performances scheduled from 9:30-1:00 and a wide array of local foods and drinks, the cuisine ranging from Mexican, Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, to of course, American and all of it incredibly tasty. The Moscow farmer’s market is holds winter markets 4-5 Saturdays in the 1912 building to give us our fix till they are back up and running in the May.

Ren Fair

Moscow’s Renaissance Fair, more often referred to as Ren Fair, has evolved into a celebration of spring, the arts, live music, the outdoors, and great food and is held in East City Park in May. This year, Rant and Raves sponsored a beer garden which was a hit. The arts and crafts are truly amazing with vendors from many states. The musicians who perform are no slouches either. Every poster is designed by a local, teenager, original and always capturing the essence of this free and wonderful fair. This is a must whether you are a family or merely aiming to go with some good friends.


ArtwalkMoscow’s Artwalk which happens every June is an event that celebrates art in all its forms well beyond paintings. Downtown is shut down to traffic and live music is played while art of all sorts in on display and sponsored by local business owners and public institutions like the library. Click on previous Artwalk brochures to learn what a special event this is.

Lewiston’s Dan Walker below reports on Moscow’s Artwalk


While not from the Artwalk, I thought this report about a local photographer, Roger Rowley, who caught the eye of Martha Teichner, a CBS correspondent for the Sunday Morning Show was worth including if only to showcase Moscow’s artists.

Rendezvous in the Park

Rendezvous in the Park is a celebration of music held every July in East City Park. Rendezvous in the Park signThis event is a nonprofit event but to attract good artists, we still gotta pay em, so to attend, you’ll have to buy tickets. I’ll pass along advice a friend once gave me–just walk around the park and take it in, to decide if you wanna buy tickets. I’d imagine though that it would be hard to not buy tickets after you get a taste of the vibes and scene going on inside the park.

Latah County Fair

The Latah County Fair is much the typical county fair and lots of fun for it. You will find great fair fan favorites to eat, live music, games and rides, winners of contests from children’s legos, to quilts, to prize chickens, pigs, goats, and cows. Wanna watch kids sell their prize pigs in an auction to the highest bidder, then you’ll wanna come to the fair grounds just north of Safeway off of Mountain View.

Also, Latah County holds regular book fairs on the county fair grounds where you can snatch up a stack of good reads for mere dollars.

Neighboring Pullman Shout Outs

So, I don’t think I can talk local events and not tip my hat to Pullman which is 7.4 miles away from Moscow. Moscobites have taken to two Pullman events in particular.

July 4th in Sunnyside Park

Like a good firework show set to music? How about I see your music-filled firework show and raise you live music and fair food? Best of all, attendance is free. Pullman also provides transportation for their fair-like 4th of July celebration given parking is tight around the park and they always draw a good crowd.

National Lentil Festival

Whether you’ve never eaten lentils or those little beans make a regular appearance on your dinner table, this is a festival must. On top of the regular expectations of a festival, children’s activities, arts and crafts, great fair food, there is wonderful live music and lentil competitions where attendees get to try the competitor’s goods and workshops given by professional chefs. Pullman’s National Lentil Festival is worth a drive far longer than the 7.4 miles it would take to get to our neighbor across the state line.

Here’s another report by Dan Walker that covers Pullman’s Lentil Festival 

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