Newer Construction

If your interest is more in new, then you will want to focus on the more recent additions, some of which are still under way with getting lots listed for sale and some with homes listed as they are ready for the market: Woodbury (first phase, off of Slonaker Dr), Edington (off of Palouse River Dr), South Gate 3rd Addition (near Knotting Hill), Meadow Brook (off of 6th St abutting Carol Ryrie-Brink Nature Park), Harvest Hills (extension of 3rd St east off Mountain View), Pica (Lanny Ln between Slonaker Dr and Orchard Ave), Indian Hills 9th Addition (off of Palouse River Dr), Ridgeview Estates (over hill facing highway 8th, kinda off Knotting Hill).

Some older additions that are mostly well maintained: Rolling Hills, Christopher’s Crossing, Green Acres, Tiempo CommonsAnderson’s, Frontier, Rodeo and Blackwood (better known as Slonaker Dr).

Some of the above bolded have views. And on occasion, there are new/newer builds sporadically situated among the older subdivisions. Also, they are some fabulous remodels of the older homes that crop up on the market, so I caution against narrowing your search by the age of homes for sale.

Christopher’s Crossing

Christopher’s Crossing is essentially two roads that branch off of Orchard Ave north of town and is home to some of Moscow’s larger, high-end features homes, a couple of which capture views of downtown and/or Moscow Mountain. If you want closeness to town but not the hubbub action of being in town, this might be the right place for you.

Green AcresGreen Acres

Green Acres- a pocket of homes off of White St., east of Mountain View- has more modest homes that encircles a center courtyard with a play area for children and showcases architectural craftsmanship and style. Also, if you want to avoid mowing and yard work, this is the place for you as there are virtually no lawns.

Tiempo Commonstiempocommons

Tiempo Commons– located off of White St., across from Camden Court and bordered by South Gate, Tiempo Commons- is still under construction, but with most of its lots developed. This subdivision is one of the few to have HOA fees; however, they are modestly set at $75 per month. In many ways, it is similar to Green Acres– more modest-sized homes, no lawns to maintain, nice modern touches, spacious shared common areas– but the styles between the two neighborhoods are different.

South Gate, 1st edition

South Gate is east of Mountain View, and borders Joseph St. and White St. South Gate is home to some of the newest construction and unlike some large new homes, the prices tend toward our middle range. If you want more land, there are sections with larger lots but if you are more for a low maintenance plan, there are also smaller lots with less yard work to manage. Also, there are some lots with views of the Palouse too.

South Gate, 3rd edition

The 3rd edition is atop a hill above the 2nd edition and is currently under construction.

Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills, mentioned above, is also newer with homes still being built. Like South Gate, there are a few lots left that may have views of Moscow Mountain.

Moscow Idaho real estate Rolling HillsMoscow Idaho real estate Rolling HillsMoscow Idaho real estate Rolling Hills2


Anderson Addition saddles up next to Frontier south of the University and are newer construction with some plots still waiting to be developed.

Moscow Idaho real estate AndersonMoscow Idaho real estate AndersonMoscow Idaho real estate Anderson3


Rodeo is fairly new and fully developed. Also, as mentioned above, if they’re in your range, there are some wonderful high-end new construction east of Rodeo along Orchard Ave.

Blackwood (also called Slonaker)

Slonaker is a small, newer subdivision where most of the homes have nice views of Moscow Mountain.Moscow Idaho real estate BlackwoodMoscow Idaho real estate Blackwood2

That all covered, builders are always working on new plans, so if you want to build your dream home, just tell your real estate agent and they can hook you up with the right guy and rental properties.