Children’s Activities

One compelling aspect that will drive people to go through the hardship of moving to a new town is what is available for their children. Moscow is a place that affords more opportunities than you might expect for a town its size. Below is a list worth reviewing.

Moscow Fun-ivities

Moscow Idaho Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center

Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center

  • Moscow’s Park & Rec offers many activities for kids and adults, from soccer, T-ball, basketball, tennis, lacrosse, golf, white water rafting, crafts, and more. If you aren’t interested in what’s available, just check back in a month and you’ll see new classes available.
    • Date Night is another fun event that is babysitting but where you drop the kids off to have a fun night out as well while you’re out enjoying yourself.
Moscow Idaho University of Idaho Climbing Center

University of Idaho Climbing Center

  • Rock Climbing is available through the University of Idaho’s Climbing Center.
  • The Palouse Ice Rink offers a wooden rink in the summer and ice in the winter. Activities range from roller derbies and curling to figure skating and hockey. There is even plans of breaking ground for a new, full size ice rink starting in 2017.

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  • Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center is something of a mini water park with enough lifeguards to put the most cautious mother’s nerve to rest. Thanks to a very generous man who willed his money to a trust and to the creation of the Hamilton-Lowe Aquatic Center, the fees are modest while the fun it provides is not.
  • Palouse Empire Gymnastics offers more than just gymnastics. It offers a program called Ninja Zone, only one of 25 nation-wide that is capitalizing on the popularity of shows like American Ninja Warrior and has proven quite popular from the get go, attracting many boys. They also offer their own version of a date night event for children where they have as much fun as mom and dad while they’re out.planet3moscowidrealestate3
  • P3 Extreme Air Park is a jump park just west of Wal-mart in Moscow. They offer a ninja warrior obstacle course, dodge ball arena on trampolines (above pic), swings of all sorts and a separate play area for children under 6. Birthday party packages are another option.
  • Paradise Ridge Challenge is a adventure-based day camp that offers fun, outdoor activities beyond day camps for family outings, birthdays and other special occasions. As an added bonus, while sharing their love and knowledge of the outdoors, they also teach children about how to build “meaningful relationships, trust and respect”. When wouldn’t a parent want their child to enjoy learning how to build a fire while discovering what it means to be a good person?
  • Cycling is popular in Moscow. Safe Routes were designed to indicate the safest routes to take no matter if you’re going by your own two feet or by wheels. Paradise Creek offers group rides for kids during the summer where a cyclist takes them on rides down the many trails available all throughout Moscow and its neighboring towns and takes care that they learn cyclists’ road rules.

Skate Park

  • Skate Park off of Mountain View and D St. beside the Eagan Center sees regular love from our kids on all forms of wheels: skateboards, scooters, roller blades and bikes.
  • There are many parks nestled throughout Moscow’s neighborhoods.
  • Wild at Art holds painting events for children and adults. One example is the Kids Canvas & Cocoa days which is a spin off from their adult event Wine & Canvas Nights.
  • Dance Festival not only offers performances during UI’s semesters, it offers dance academies for the community.
  • Spectrum Art & Dance School offers many forms of dance from the traditional ballet and tap to modern, hip hop and ballroom. They also offer some art classes too.
  • The University of Idaho offers a wide range of summer camps and workshops from science camps that take you canoeing, hiking and teach about ecology while in nature to drama camps to technology camps where kids can learn robotics or coding (last summer, one activity was to design code that programmed a machine to make pancakes in any shape they could dream up), and of course, there are athletic camps specific by sport.Bonkerzmoscowidrealestate2
  • Bonkerz is an indoor play center complete with a climbing nets, slides, punching bags and more. If it’s raining and you need a place for them to get their willies out then this is your place.



  • Zeppos is a bowling alley in Pullman that also has a game center, and bonus-children bowl free during the summer.
  • The Cougar Entertainment Center is a laser tag and gaming center and a children’s barn full of legos.

There is much available for our kids thanks to having two universities close by, and I know there is more that I have not even touched that Washington State University provides.