If you have kids, this is likely another area you wish to explore or just simply want to be prepared for that special moment in the future. Moscow School District 281 is considered among the best school districts in the state, but most parents would not want to leave it at a real estate agent’s word even if I was an educator in my first career, and I wouldn’t blame you for it. Below are school sites and school reports that will give a better sense of what the local schools offer.

  • The Moscow School District site has links to each school’s website where you can learn more about each school from the About page. From the school goals, to the principal’s message and state school reports, you can glean far more than the GreatSchool’s 10 point rating can afford.

Charter and private schools

  • Palouse Prairie Charter is a K-8 charter school with a strong technology focus; every student has a Chromebook for starters. Many professors prefer to enroll their children here. Check out the site to learn more.
  • To get a better sense of what Moscow Charter, another K-8 school, offers review the about page and links, but what I think is the best take away about Moscow Charter school is two prong: it’s expansive elective options for students, technology focus, and that its students can use the Moscow School District busing system.
  • St. Mary’s School (K-8) & St. Rose’s School (Pre-school and Pre-K) are private Catholic schools run in St. Mary’s Parish. St. Mary’s is our oldest private school having been established in 1908. To learn more about what St. Mary’s offers, click on the about link where you can explore videos about its students, parents, and faculty.
  • Palouse Hills Christian School is a private school for Seventh-day Adventists and is daycare- 8th grade.
  • Logos School is a religious-based private christian school that defines its approach to education as “Classical and Christ-centered education.” Many denominations are welcome. To learn more about what they offer, just check out the about, academics, activities, and news & events sections.
  • USA Today article: ranking of all of Idaho’s high schools. You will need to click the more button that the bottom 4 or so times to see where Moscow High School ranks, but I’d say it’s worth the clicks to get a sense of where Moscow measures up when compared to the rest of the state which is good. Few districts fair better.
  • Neighborhood Scout is a site that gives some basics on Moscow’s schools in comparison to the rest of the state, showing our school district as the third best in the state and if you click on Moscow, you can see a geographical breakdown by schools to gain an idea of which are the best of the best public schools.

One last thing to note that I consider integral to a child’s education, the library. The county that Moscow resides, Latah County, has all the libraries, public school libraries included, connected so that if a book or other item is not available at the Moscow Public Library, there is a good chance you can find it one of the many other locations, and I speak from experience when I say that the inter-library check out system is pretty smooth too. Their staff is the nicest, flexible and most helpful staff. Lastly, the have wonderful reading programs that you can check out here  Moscow Public Library Book Club and Storytime.

That all said, my children attend A.B. McDonald Elementary, and I have found the school to be meeting their needs.