All about Moscow

To get a sense of Moscow, families need to explore many topics, and help simplify the process, I put together a list of sites I found most useful, current and accurate. Below are a couple of sites that can give an overall sense of Moscow while the sub-pages delve deeper into specific topics.

City of Moscow

The Moscow’s city website is actually handy for learning about the history of Moscow, the public pool that is something of a small water park, census data, parks and rec. And also helpful is the Visit Moscow website.

Census demographics & housing data:

Since the census is only taken once every ten years and it’s 2016, having accurate information here is more about estimates (Moscow averages at a .07% population growth per year) than the actual count. That said, the stats and graphs do still help.

  • Moscow’s website is clean and neatly organized if you are looking mainly for an overview: City of Moscow: data center
  • For more detail, the following two give maps, graphs, and such:
    • the data spokesman website has a page titled Know Idaho that is handy.
    • the CensusViewer has good detail and interactive maps, if that’s your thing.



Click the pic to go to Moscow’s Wiki page.

Most people are not crazy about Wikipedia, me included, but when you are looking into a major life change, who’s not gonna turn over this rock to take a look here too.


Moscow's Facebook page

Click the pic to go to Moscow’s FB page.

Moscow’s Facebook page is really good for getting a non-governmental feel of the town and what it has to offer.

Rules to know

I will add more here as I learn of city ordinances that I suspect new comers may not expect. For now, I have just this one….

Another good resource & place to stay

Little Green Guesthouse

Little Green Guesthouse. Click the picture to visit Sharon’s website.

The Little Green Guesthouse, a local, environmentally friendly vacation rental has a page flush with activities available here and in the surrounding areas listed under her To Do On the Palouse menu link. Sharon’s house is well kept and serves as another option if you prefer a house stay-cation to a hotel stay.