About the Site

Shannon May

Why I created the Moscow Real Estate Resource
There are two reasons why I created this site. One relates to my own story of moving here. A few years ago, my husband asked me if I was willing to Moscow. With him facing an exciting career opportunity working at the University of Idaho and me facing leaving Virginia, my beloved home and job, our next best move was to learn as much as possible about this big decision before we could say yes or no. This resulted in countless hours of trolling the web for information about Moscow: the schools, kid activities, nearby parks, rivers, lakes & mountain slopes, health clubs, restaurants, shops, neighborhoods and whatever else popped into our heads that we then tapped into our phones or keyboard.

Whether you too are facing a big move from another state or are a local Moscowvite just curious about our current market trends or ways to maintain your home value, here on the Moscow Real Estate Resource, you will find far more than listings of properties. You can comb through my blogs on topics like how the market trends impact our community, the latest rates available, guides on buying or selling a home or how to select the best Moscow neighborhood for your family.

For those wanting to learn more about Moscow, you will find the below stories helpful in learning about the people and the All About Moscow page will cover more than any other site available.

What Moscow means to me…

When my husband, Jim, and I were looking into moving here, we wondered what the people were like. No amount of digital digging can ever truly show you the people of that community. I thought the next best way to achieve this would be to provide Moscowvites a way to share what Moscow means to them. Our stories will show who we are better than any city website, census report, or wiki page and be a place for us to appreciate why we all love our Moscow and the neighboring communities. So without further ado, I will jump start it with sharing my own answer to the question:

What is Moscow’s best aspect? Or share a Moscow moment that is special to you, that shows what is best about our town?

Shannon May

Moscowvite since 2014

Before we moved here and I told my mother, with a bit of anxiety, that we were strongly considering moving across country to a town a quarter the population of where we lived, her reply intrigued me. She told me that my grandfather spent some time stationed as a soldier in Spokane and he, who had been well traveled, thought Spokane was the prettiest land he’d ever seen. He was a farmer, so I knew what caught his eye was the Palouse.

Once we’d taken the leap of faith, and states, I had an additional appreciation. On top of the serene surroundings, ripe with outdoor opportunities like fishing, hiking, and skiing and more, I soon realized the best prize of all was, is, the people. My children made friends fast and more of them here than they ever had in Virginia. We too came to know people through our children’s activities and found Moscowvites a friendly, educated and open lot. Above all, they are friendly which defies the claim of only southerners are polite and welcoming.

Now, when I’ve spent time abroad, I am filled with such a peace and contentment when I look out the window and see those Palouse hills, knowing I am drawing nearer and nearer to Moscow and to home. I know this is the place for my family and for me. Moscow is a small town, or at least small for me, that I am happy to call home.

To share your story, please fill out the form below, and I will review it (only checking that content is appropriate; no editing involved) before adding it to the page.

Edel Martin

Moscowvite since 2014

I love Moscow because it is a small city but has a lot to offer because of the University of Idaho being located here. It feels like a great place to raise our kids. We allow our son to bike to school with his friends. Being a military family we have lived in many places and this is the first place we have felt comfortable doing this. It is a very common sight to see children walking and biking to school. We love the coffee shops, the Co-op, the variety in places to grocery shop and the restaurants. People are friendly and helpful. Combine all of this with how beautiful the area is and the fact that we get to experience all four seasons and Moscow is the place to be for us.

Al Espinoza

Moscowvite since 1973

I love Moscow because it is a friendly, safe, small, scenic, and compassionate community. In addition, it is diverse in its demographics, social, economic, and political perspectives. The University of Idaho provides a stable economic foundation for the community along with a substantial creative energy. Moscow is located near fantastic sites for outdoor recreation. The opportunity for outdoor recreation in the Clearwater and Salmon River Basins is virtually unlimited. Few areas in the United States offer such opportunities. Moscow is a great place to live and raise children.

Luke Ordway

Moscowvite since 1996

I moved to the area as a 4th grader and found the schools very fun and challenging. Small community with lots of great teachers and parents.

Graduated HS is 2001 and went off to college. Only while paying outrageous rent in Seattle and Portland did I realize how good we have it here on the Palouse with good culture, athletic events, food, and community. Farmer’s market is something like 16th in the nation.

Now a homeowner and I can only see the community growing and the investment in a home/duplex here being a good one.