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Hi. My name is Shannon May. I am the author of this site and a real estate agent who lives in Moscow. I’ve lived in many places around the United States- Alabama, Texas, California, Virginia- most of them highly populated. Moscow is the smallest place I’ve ever lived and, to my younger self’s surprise, it is my favorite. (Now, if only I could convince the rest of my family to move here….)

Why I created the Moscow Real Estate Resource
The reason I created this site relates to my own story of moving here. A few years ago, my husband asked me if I was willing to Moscow. With him facing an exciting career opportunity working at the University of Idaho and me facing leaving Virginia, my beloved home and job, our next best move was to learn as much as possible about this big decision before we could say yes or no. This resulted in countless hours of trolling the web for information about Moscow-the schools; kid activities; nearby parks, rivers, lakes & mountain slopes; health clubs; restaurants; shops; neighborhoods; and whatever else popped into our heads that we then tapped into our phones or keyboard.

When we did move here, armed with as much digital knowledge as we could locate, we quickly realized that Moscow was so much more than a census or city website could ever capture. After living here a few years and becoming a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker, I decided to create this site to offer what we did not have-one resource that will educate locals and new comers alike on what Moscow has to offer in real estate and community, anywhere from its local scene to its neighborhoods and bordering towns.

I also designed this site to keep interested peeps up-to-date on how the real estate market trends in Moscow, current rates and ways to improve your home whether you are trying to sell or just bought. Locals know only too well that our community’s real estate market should not be compared to anywhere else. People who don’t work with real estate day in, day out are inevitably in a precarious position trying to manage one of the biggest financial and life impacting decisions their family will face, but this site will gear you with some insight to help you decide what is best for you and your family.

If you are in the market to buy or sell a home or have a comment you’d like to share regarding Moscow, please use the below form or call me.