Reference Guide for getting set up post your move into a new home

As part of my process for my clients, I provide this kind of information for my clients but a guest writer wrote about it and thought- heck, people other than my clients may appreciate this too. So, without further adieu….

Image via Pexels

Finding Your Way Through Moscow, Idaho:
A Resource Guide for New Residents

Guest post by Patrick Young,

Are you new to the Moscow area? Curious to know how to get your utilities set up and find some local services to help get you settled in? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Below, are some important resources that will ease you into life in Moscow — including some attractions to visit once you’ve finished unpacking! Some of these resources are already under the About Moscow tab.

Get Your Utilities Set Up

Gas and Electric
Moscow Water

Local Recycling

High-Speed Internet Providers

Important Services for Parents

Schools in Moscow, Idaho

Get a Library Card

Top Daycare Centers
Find a Babysitter
Things to Do with Children in Moscow

Other Moscow Resources

Self-Storage Centers

AAA-Approved Auto Repair Facilities

Car Insurance Agents

Lawn and Garden Services

Moving Your Business to Moscow

Chamber of Commerce

Business License

Certificate of Formation

Things to Do in and Around Moscow

University of Idaho Arboretum & Botanical Garden
Appaloosa Museum and Heritage Center

Prichard Art Gallery

Moscow Farmers Market

Life in Moscow is wonderful — but you’ve got to get settled in first! With these resources, you’ll have your home in order in the blink of an eye. And once you’ve finished getting everything unpacked and squared away, you can start experiencing the sights and sounds that make Moscow such a family-oriented community and outdoor adventure seekers’ paradise or what Moscowvites just call home.

Thank you Patrick for your contribution to my blog. I don’t write on it as often as I should so a little help is always appreciated. And the readers, hope you find his all-in-one resources helpful when you are busy navigating the wilds of moving a household. 🙂 Shannon

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