City of Moscow’s Utility Newsletter Winter Tips

This is something I occasionally need to review with my clients, especially if they will not be living in their home during the winter months. Better safe than paying the plumber or the flooring guy to repair and replace items ruined as a result of frozen pipes having busted, right?

The recent water bill from the city included a section on Winter Weather tips which I am copying here for all to consider. I’d include a link but the city site is not up-to-date on archives of utility newsletters so the next best I can offer is the Water Department’s number which is noted in the text below. I did elect to bullet point the list for “eyeball” convenience so you can more readily comb through the suggestions for those new to you. Otherwise, it is verbatim, the same as in the newsletter.

Walter Baxter / Frozen solid / CC BY-SA 2.0

Without further adieu, what they shared:

Avoid Frozen Pipes

  • Leave cabinet doors under sinks open, especially if they are located on exterior walls.
  • Set thermostats no lower than 55 degrees, even if the house is unoccupied.
  • Do not remove snow form the tops of water meter boxes unless it creates a safety hazard. An accumulation of snow will help insulate the water meter box and prevent freezing.
  • Do not open water meter boxes as this will allow any natural heat to escape and may contribute to freezing of the water system.
  • Insulation pillows (a small black pillow) are installed in most meter boxes. If your system tends to freeze, contact the Water Department. City crews regularly install insulation pillows in boxes that tend to freeze. If your pipes do freeze, the best way to defrost them is to use a hairdryer or call a plumber.
  • For assistance with a system frozen at the meter box or help with other issues, call the Moscow Water Department at 208-882-3122.

Recycling those Plastic Bags

And a side note, since the plastic bag recycling option is still relatively new, I am adding here a reminder for myself and whoever else needs it because I don’t know about you but I keep forgetting which Saturday I can bring plastic bags for recycling. That one Saturday that they accept plastic bags is the first Saturday of each month.

And what kind of plastic you ask? Well, if marked, look for a #2 or #4; otherwise know that bubble wrap, air pillows, grocery bags, bread bags, ziploc and other reusable bags, case wrap, newspaper sleeves, produce bags, and dry cleaning bags all count.

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