City of Moscow Recycling Guidelines 2.0

The rules of the road have been changed, or by some understandings, uncovered, as to how recycling must be done. If the guidelines are not followed, tons of recyclables mixed iwth non-reclycable items get dumped in landfills which has led to our city revamping our own rules to help us avoid this problem.

Good as these intentions may be, we humans tend to not like change and need a little aid ourselves in keeping straight what can and cannot go into those recycle bins. Below is a picture I took of the single stream (read curbside green bin pick up) of what is acceptable and what is not.

Below is what I took regarding those pesty plastic bags and any other plastic packaging film. Our recycle center has a contract with the Trex Deck company to recycle all those plastics and you can learn when and where to depot those bags below….