Moving scams & how to avoid them, there was a rise in the occurrence of moving scams commonly referred to as the “bait and switch” where movers get your belongings in their truck and then hold it hostage until you pay significantly more than the original amount agreed upon.

To be clear, federal law allows movers to raise the price a total of 10% more than the original contracted price as a buffer of under-estimating the amount to be moved. But, anything above 10% is not permitted.

I have a list of vetted movers who have clean records, so please call me to help out, but if you prefer not, below 3 useful resources that will help you navigate moving a little better….

Moving Apps that help:

  • Unpakt makes getting quotes from multiple movers a stream lined process. Users fill out one form and can pay for the love all on the app or website. The process allows you to add and remove items to see how each effects the bottom line price. They also offer reviews of the moving companies.
  • Wunderlist is an app designed to help organize the moving process, creating lists of things to do like accounts that need switching to new address or closing, items to donate or garage sale, top priorities upon moving in to the new home, etc.
  • MagicPlan can help with designing the layout of your furniture in each room which is handy for moving as well as a remodel plan.

Two Articles:

If only we had just enough belongings to fill a wagon instead of a big truck. 🙂

Today Show article addressing Moving Scams This article, while from 2009, is full of strategies to avoid being taken advantage of. is a site designed to help with being scammed as well as has a list of already vetted movers known to be reputable and not scam clients

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