Why there is more to Idaho than potatoes…

Before I called Idaho home, mention of this Northwestern state would dredge up images of flat plains and potatoes. Those of you who live, natives or people who moved here, know there is so much more to Idaho than potatoes and the below info-graphic from my Idaho Real Estate Association rather succinctly captures why Idaho is a great place to live. I think they missed three other key attractions…. Can you guess what’s missing??

Moscow Idaho Real estate 2017_06_Inforgraphic_IAR


… in my humble opinion, they should have had pinpoints for skiing, national parks, and lakes. Is there another you think was missed? Which one(s)? Feel free to add it under comments.

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Can Your Real Estate Agent Answer These Important Questions?

I wanted to share this blog I read on Keeping Current Matters as the questions below are a good way to assess the competency of an agent or broker. As we all know, years in a business does not always translate to best in business.

Also, I’d suggest two more questions specific to if you are planning on listing your home that would quickly separate the wheat from the shaft, questions, I’ll happily answer in person and encourage you to ask of my competition. Just give me a call and we can set up a consultation about what you can get in this market for your home and how I can help you do that using marketing strategies better than other agents.

consulting-for-real-estate-3031678_1280 moscow idaho

Whether you are selling or buying a home, the real estate agent you hire is critical to guaranteeing your family makes the right decision. Most agents can walk you through the process and explain the industry ‘lingo,’ but you should expect so much more than that.

The housing crisis made everyone aware that truly understanding the real estate market is more complicated than it seems. Today, there are many questions your real estate agent must be able to answer to ensure your family is making the right decision. Here are just a few:

  • What impact does the movement in mortgage interest rates have on buyer demand?
  • With home prices increasing rapidly, are we headed toward another housing bubble?
  • Do you need a 20% down payment to purchase a home?
  • Why can’t we list at a higher price and drop it later if necessary?

When you are interviewing an agent to represent your family in your next real estate transaction, make sure they can intelligently answer all your questions, while simply and effectively explaining what is happening in the current housing market.

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